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Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick Thoughts on Recruiting and Results

I noted earlier in the season that, based on recruiting results, the top five teams in 2014 should be Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, LSU and Florida. The top three are in the playoffs (even if they shouldn't be). Oregon, the fourth, is 18th in recruiting. The Ducks have overperformed their recruiting for most of a decade.

LSU and Florida are on the outside. LSU has an excuse. The NFL has expended 18 draft picks on Tigers the past two seasons. I own a couple on my fantasy team. A number of these gentlemen were elite recruits out of high school and could have played on the 2014 edition of the fighting Les'. (While we are on the topic, let us review's perceived weaknesses in Odell Beckham Jr.'s game before the draft: "Adequate height. . . . . Inconsistent making contested grabs -- can be out-muscled in a crowd. Has some concentration drops)."

The emmigation of talent from the Red Stick should have opened up a spot for the Gators. Instead, Florida is playing East Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl. For those new to college football, that is not a glorious conclusion to the season. Muschamp will now be coordinating the defense for Auburn, The other Tigers were looking for someone else to coordinate their defensive efforts after they allowed 130 total points in three of the final four games of the regular season.