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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stat-Wise Heisman Rankings

The winner of the Heisman Memorial Trophy is supposed to be the season's most outstanding player. But we all have  a different understanding of outstanding. Because there are no specific guidelines about what makes one a Heisman candidate, the process is riddled with problems. A player has a better chance if he spends more time on television, plays for a traditional power, has good weapons around him, etc. 

With the Stat-Wise Heisman Rankings I have tried to imitate the more scientific aspects of Heisman voting while avoiding the non-competitive biases. Points are awarded to players based on their opponent adjusted stats (yards, yards per play), their performance in "important" games, and lose points for poor performances (especially turnovers) in losses. At least for the near future, the Stat-Wise Heisman Rankings are limited to offensive players.

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