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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Texas A&M offense (2013) as animated gif

I said before the 2013 season that Texas A&M had the potential to field the best offense in the history of college football. They didn't reach that potential. They didn't have the best offense in 2013. But the potential was there: the Aggies finished 2nd in EP3+ (i.e., they had the 2nd most effective offense in the country), and Sumlin demoted his offensive coordinator before the bowl game.

The charts below show that the Aggies still moved the ball effectively and scored often. They reached the red zone on 45% of possessions, more than any other team in the country. But they fell short in one key area; the Aggies had the most explosive running game in the country in 2012, but they were below average in that statistic in 2013. Christine Michael took a share of the explosive runs with him to the NFL, and defenses were marginally better at bottling Manziel. As a result, the Aggies were 11th in EPA per rush while the top three scoring offenses (Florida State, Ohio State and Oregon) were 1, 2, 3 in EPA per rush.


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