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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A closer look at the nation's top defense

By EP3+, the top eight offenses in the country so far have been (in order) Baylor, Illinois, Oregon, Texas A&M, Georgia, Florida State, Louisville, and Ohio State. Seven of the eight were locks to be among the nation's top defenses before the season started, and you can't deny Illinois' production.

Top eights defenses by EP3+? West Virginia, Florida, Washington, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Baylor, Alabama, Penn State. Yeah, that's weird.

West Virginia? The Mountaineer claim to fame is that they allowed 16 points to Oklahoma and 21 to Oklahoma State. They did allow 37 to Maryland, but the Terps are averaging 40. Saturday they play Baylor. I doubt they'll pass that test.

Baylor/Louisville? Numbers 1 and 2 in fewest points allowed per possession. Baylor has me convinced for now that they're a legitimate title contender. I'm less sold on Louisville, but they've definitely opened my eyes.

Washington? Seventh in points/possession allowed and they've played Boise State, Illinois and Arizona.

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