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Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 5's best performances

EP3 is the effective points per possession, or how effective an offense is with each possession. I adjust the raw EP3s to account for the strength of the competition.

Illinois comes out on top after scoring a 2.88 EP3. Overall in 2013, the Illini are 13th in EP3. Arizona State got Lane Kiffin fired, so you can guess that was a pretty good performance. Oregon had a very odd game. They got a big lead early on short fields and then cruised. The result is an unimpressive EP3, but still a fairly good Perf-O. The model got a little confused with Oklahoma State's -0.89. It decided that OSU might have been a little off their game but West Virginia was also playing world beater defense.

Florida, Washington, Virginia Tech and Alabama were also credited with playing good defense. Air Force was swiss cheese. The model gave little credit to Nevada and New Mexico for big offensive performances, instead placing the blame on the defense.

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