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Monday, September 16, 2013

Best and Worst Performances, Week 3

The EP3 (effective points per possession) measures a team's offensive performance by considering both the points scored per possession and the impact of each possession on field position. For example, Cincinnati scored a 3.69 against Northwestern State. This means that Cincinnati was 3.69 points per possession more effective on offense than the average team, both in terms of scoring points based on their starting field position and leaving the opponent with relatively bad field position. In later weeks I will adjust the weekly EP3s for the strength of the competition, but for now I am just reporting the raw values.

Cincinnati against Northwestern State was the second most effective offensive performance of the season. Brendon Kay averaged 18.3 yards and 1.56 expected points added per pass attempt, the highest figure of the season. Zach Mettenberger wasn't much worse as he averaged 14.7 yards and 1.17 points added per pass. 

Against Wagner, Syracuse allowed 0 points, 87 yards and forced 3 turnovers. Wagner scored a -1.9 against the Orange; the average possession is with just over 2 points, so Wagner would have been little worse off if they had just started every possession with a punt. And never would have guessed that both TCU and Texas Tech would make the best defenses list when they were playing each other.

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