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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What we learned, week 3

1) Alabama has a better football team than Texas A&M. Either the 'Bama o-line got a lot better in two weeks or the Aggie front 7 seven is atrocious. My guess is something between those two.

2) But Manziel and Evans were hands the best players on the field and are the best players in the country at their respective positions (yeah, Marqise Lee, I'm talking to you).

3) Blake Bell can run an offense against Tulsa and, more surprising, we're supposed to be impressed by that. For those that didn't get the memo, Tulsa's defense is not good. Consider this, Bowling Green scored 34 on Tulsa and 10 on Indiana. A little transitive property, and OUs 51-20 win becomes a 27-20 win if Tulsa borrowed Indiana's D. I'm not impressed.

4) Eastern Washington might have been a fluke. After an amazing offensive performance in week 1 against Oregon St, they put up 21 on Toledo. Elsewhere, Oregon St allowed 12 yards against Utah in the 1st quarter and 528 in the game.

5) Nebraska. What I didn't learn is why we don't spend more time ragging on the Huskers and instead focus our attention on . . .

6) Texas. We didn't learn anything here. They lost to a superior opponent. It happens.

7) Devin Gardner really let me down. I set him up as the anti-Braxton Miller, but yesterday he laid an egg. Speaking of . . .

8) Miller, Guiton steps in and puts up 368 yards and no INTs. He didn't set the world on fire (you should probably take anything anyone does against Cal and divide it by 2), but it's no worse than Miller would have done.

9) FSUs Winston is good, but Nevada is even better at being bad. Winston is particularly good at completing passes, something Teddy Bridgewater used to do better than the rest.

10) I'd be getting nervous if I were a Stanford fan. They knew exactly what Army was going to do, Stanford countered with what is supposed to be an elite run defense, and Army still rolled up 284 yards on 61 tries. That's not terrible, it's not 550, but it won't beat Oregon.

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