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Sunday, September 8, 2013

What we learned, week 2

1) The FCS picked up 4 more wins against FBS opponents and lost 2 others by a field goal or less. They also got another win against a ranked team.

What's that, Washington St. is FBS? Oh, then 3 wins against FBS opponents. And those 3 opponents were UMass, Georgia State and Western Michigan. On second thought, I'm not impressed. 

1a) Kiffin is a goner.

2) ESPN's low watt star, Jadeveon Clowney, backs up his talk on the field. Aaron Murray showed how scared he was when he threw 6 incompletions on 23 attempts and managed only 309 yards and 4 TDs, and Georgia was limited to a measly 41 points. How do you stop Clowney, who has 5 tackles and a sack through 2 games? You block him, apparently.

2a) I was tempted to insert a joke here about Clowney needing an imaginary girlfriend that he could sacrifice to resurrect his Heisman campaign, but I won't.

2b) This game reminded us of a basic principle that I've posted 15 times since the Clowney hype train got rolling: quarterbacks (like Aaron Murray) are many times more important to a team's success than any of their teammates.

3) We didn't learn if BYUs offense is good or bad, but we did learn that UT still hasn't learned to defend the run. Good news for the Horns is that they still play in the Big 12.

3a) USC and UT in the top 10, Mr. Steele? Good call.

3b) I would think Manny Diaz has to be Mack Brown's last sacrificial lamb.

3c) Baylor will win the Big 12, and they'll run (and pass) away with it

5) Between partying with Drake, signing some stuff, sleeping in at passing camps, and complaining about a parking ticket, Manziel didn't forget how to play football. In fact, he's really good at football. He threw for 400 yards, made a defender fall down without touching him and made another fall down by driving his shoulder threw the defender's chest. A win against Alabama and ESPN will be singing his praises from the mountain tops.

6) Bobby Petrino is still being punished for his crimes against Arkansas and the SEC. Six turnovers in the first half? You won't win a lot of games like that.

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