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Saturday, September 5, 2009

BYU wins despite setbacks

BYU WINS, and they do so without their all conference linebacker and running back. They win despite giving away the ball three times inside their 30. And Max Hall was hobbled himself. OU obviously wasn't at full strength, but lets remember that they only scored 10 points in the first half with Bradford on the field. Before we start making excuses for Oklahoma at the expense of BYU, lets just remember that BYU outgained Oklahoma in the first half (because Bradford didn't have any protection) and led in every major statistical category besides turnovers at the end of the game. I hope Sam Bradford makes a speedy recovery and earns millions in the NFL, but we need to recognize that, today, his football team was not as good as Max Hall's football team.


  1. BYU played a great game, so you're right--you have to tip your cap to them on a great effort. It will be interesting to see how OU responds this season. We'll see in about a month if they just had a lapse, or if they're just not as salty as many suspected this season.

  2. Even with a healthy Bradford, this is not the same OU offense--that's obvious. I think they need to recognize that they can't run the same precision offense they had last year and need to grind it out more-they have the backs and the beef on the offensive line to do it, but they don't have the ganas right now to get it done.