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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This week's games: Virginia Tech vs. Alabama

I am posting two sets of graphs to compare teams that will be playing this week. One set shows how the teams have performed from 1994 to 2008 using the Matrix Hybrid rating. The second shows the trend-O-meter rating from 2008. Enjoy.

Until last year, Virginia Tech had been the better program for about a decade, but were in need of some rebuilding last year and still look like a work in progress. The Tide have improved substantially since the arrival of Saban and seem to be well ahead of Virginia Tech in their rebuilding projects going in to this season.

This game will go to the team who's defense scores first. A Darren Evan-less VT offense is better off punting before Tyrod Taylor gives up a pick six. And Bama's defense will be as good as any in the country. I'm not sure how they'll respond after losing Macho Harris, but if the VT secondary can keep Julio Jones in check Alabama's offense will be as exciting as pit stains. Should be fun.

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