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Thursday, September 10, 2009

This week's games: East Carolina at West Virginia

The loss to East Carolina just about threw the Mountaineer faithful into a fitful frenzy. Rich Rod had left blazing trail of infamy behind him (trying to snag some recruits on his way out of Dodge) and Bill Stewart didn't seem up to the job. One win a way from the national championship game only a few months ago, West Virginia appeared to be in free fall. And they didn't just lose to East Carolina, they got a beat down (analogous in so many ways to the Dolphins win over the Patriots). West Virginia was able to right the ship, though, and ended with a decent season (though far inferior to the Rich Rod heyday). For East Carolina, the 15 minutes of fame ended all too soon. Three straight losses dropped them out of sight, only to reemerge with a C-USA championship at season's end.

At only 6.5 point underdogs, and with Patrick Pinkney still behind center, East Carolina has a chance to pull off the upset again. Their win against App. State won't woo any voters, but they got the job done. West Virginia, on the other hand, gave up 20 points to Liberty. If they were playing at home, I just might pick the pirates, but West Virginia gets a notable home field advantage.

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