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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

25 Running Backs for 2012: #20 - #16

Yesterday we started the countdown of the top 25 running backs by rushing yards for 2012. Today, we continue with #20-#16. So, without further ado:
. . . .

20) Curtis McNeal - USC
Stats: 1105 (2011); 1275 (projected 2012) 
McNeal averaged 119 yards in USC's last 6 games last season, which would project to 1,432 yards over a 12 game season. Considering he gets to 5'7" if you stretch him from each end that might be a bit optimistic.

19) Henry Josey - Missouri
Stats: 1168 (2011); 1280 (2012 projected) 
Josey and Michael for Texas A&M have a lot in common. They are both coming back from severe injuries and are making the move to the SEC this season. The difference is that Michael appears to be 100% while Josey is doubtful.

18) Christine Michael - Texas A&M
Stats: 899 (2011); 1332 (projected 2012)
In many ways, the fates are aligning for Michael. Backfield mate Cyrus Gray has moved on, leaving more carries for Michael. He'll be running behind arguably the best tackle tandem and one of the best offensive lines in the country. Even the coaching change could work to his favor, as Houston generated running backs with good fantasy value despite its reputation. If he can avoid injury, the big "if" of his career, Michael could rack up some awesome stats this season.

17) Isi Sofele - California
Stats: 1322 (2011); 1339 (projected 2012)
The model is predicting a repeat season for Sofele.

16) Rex Burkhead - Nebraska
Stats: 1357 (2011); 1372 (projected 2012)
The model has no reason to believe 2012 will be much different from 2011 for Burkhead. That's not a bad thing.

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