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Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Defensive Performances - Bowl Week

The EP3, or effective points per possession, measure the average number of "effective" points earned each drive during a game. Effective points consider field position as well as actual points. The EP3+ is the team's average performance over the course of the season adjusted for the opposition. The EP3+D is the defensive score while the EP3+O is for the offense. The Perf-O begins with the single-game EP3 and adjusts for the opponent's EP3+D. The Perf-D begins with the opponent's EP3 and adjusts it for the opponent's EP3+O.

BYU had one of the nation's best run defenses in the country and San Diego State depends on running the ball. But on top of seven punts on 15 possessions, BYU forced 5 turnovers and Kyle Van Noy turned 2 of them into touchdowns. With a EP3 of -2.39, BYU would have won this game even if the offense had stayed in Provo.

Jordan Lynch and Northern Illinois found the going a bit rougher against Florida State. Lynch averaged 4.3 yards per pass attempt and 1.9 per rush. Wisconsin found Stanford's defense to be a bit more stout than Nebraska's. And Syracuse embarrassed West Virginia, Geno Smith, and most of the Big 12.


  1. No love for Vanderbilt (who caused 5 NCState turnovers and only 17 offensive points)?????

    Bill Caldwell

    1. Vanderbilt came in 35th, right in the middle. The 5 TOs were nice and kept the point total down, but they still allowed 424 yards to a sub-par offensive team and the KO return counts against the D.