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Saturday, August 14, 2010

CFBTN on twitter

Texas travels 1,987 miles this season for road games. Longhorn opponents will travel 4,785 to play Texas. This advantage in travel is worth 27.6 points over the course of a season, or 2.30 points per games.
  1. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    2010 Mecca of CFB? Louisiana Tech. Team's will travel 6,936 miles to play the LaTech this season, the most after excluding Hawaii travel

  2. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    Hawaii will go 5,500 miles to play Army. Only 7 teams will travel more in the entire season combined, and 5 of those go to Hawaii

  3. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    Purdue and Western Michigan will not travel more than 300 miles for any one game this season

  4. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    3 teams have 7 "plane trips" (300+ miles) on the schedule this season: Florida Atlantic, Idaho, and Arkansas St.

  5. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    Hawaii, on the other hand, will tavel 21,632

  6. Scott Albrechtcfbtn 

    In a 12 game schedule, Western Michigan will only travel 712 miles this season.

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