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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Trip around the Statverse

Drive-By Football breaks down the probabilities for the new proposed kickoff rule in the NFL. I love the strategic implications of the rule, but it would represent a serious statistical break in football history. And, since I know you're wondering, in CFB teams would convert 4th & 15 15% of the time against average opposition; A&M would convert 25% of the time.

And someone at ESPN stats and info needs to get fired for this one. Seriously. The Manziel witch-hunt in some places is out of control. First, the "Manziel vs. ranked opponents" thing needs to end. Manziel's ranked opponents are three of the four best defenses in the country. Texas A&M was 24th in average defense faced, and if you exclude games in which Manziel played less than one drive in the 3rd quarter they were 4th. And the second part must be a joke. The two quarterbacks to score low in % of total offense in close games were Manziel and Mariota. Why? They blew people out. A trademark of the Aggie offense was scoring on the first drive, and they often had three scores in the first quarter. If that's bad, then I don't want to be good.

And Brian Fremeau has a bunch of stuff, all of which is better than ESPN stats & info.

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