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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Points by Quarter

The first table is total points by quarter, the second points per possession by quarter and the third is % of total by quarter. I limit this to a few observations.

1) Oregon leads the nation in 1st quarter points and points per possession. The Ducks scored almost 5 points per possession in the first 15 minutes. Texas A&M also scored well in the first half, followed by Clemson and Alabama.

2) Kansas State takes the lead in the 3rd and 4th quarters (in large part because Oregon and Texas A&M often closed games out in the first half).

3) UMass was terrible in all quarters. Idaho, Colorado and Hawai'i were also in the bottom 25 in every quarter in points/possession. Auburn was last in the 4th quarter.

4) Utah State was 3rd best nationally in points/possession in the first quarter and in the bottom 25 in the 4th. Texas State similarly got worse as the game when on.

5) Two teams, Arkansas and Fresno State, scored more than 1/3 of their total points in the 1st quarter. Six teams score more than 40% of their points in the 2nd quarter. No other teams scored more than 40% of their points in any quarter.