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Friday, December 21, 2012

Game by Game Turnovers

This table includes the point impact of every pre-bowl game this season. Pts is the points scored in the game for each team, TO is the number of turnovers, -TO is the point impact of turnovers using NEPA, etc. Use the headers to sort, filter, and other tomfoolery as you choose.

Quick observations:

1) SFA's -36.88 against SMU was the most turnover-impacted performance of the season. This is no surprise since they turned the ball over 10 times. SMU was also the beneficiary of the second worst game for turnvoers as Houston cost itself 23.69 points.

2) Fresno State cost itself 23.6 points against San Diego State but still won (filter on Win? to see only teams that won or lost). The win was substantially added by the fact that San Diego State turned the ball over 5 times for a -10.53 point impact.

3) Five teams (USC, Colorado State, Troy, UCLA an Texas A&M) won despite 5 turnovers. Three of the 5 (Colorado State, UCLA, and Texas A&M) had positive point impact margins in those games (the opponent's turnovers were more costly). Cincinnati won with 6 turnovers against Delaware State.

4) Boise State had a +18.3 points from turnovers against BYU and won by 1.