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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Quick Guide to CFBTN Weeks 1 and 2

First, I should highlight that the models used on this website are more powerful as more data becomes available/more games are played. To state the obvious, not a lot of games have been played at this point.

No individual stats or projections are updated to 2012 (Individual: Stats, Fantasy, Heisman; Team Summaries). Where individual stats are listed these are from 2011.

No teams stats are updated to 2012 (Rank 2, Team Summaries, Maps). Where team stats are listed these are from 2011.

Team ratings are updated to 2012 (Team Summaries, Rank, Pick All). The major exception is the BPR (and VisualBPR), which ranks teams by wins and losses.

Predicted results are available for the 2012 season (Team Summaries, Summary, Picks, Champs*). I have not yet reformatted Standings.

Conference ratings and statistics (Conf: Rank, Versus) are not updated.


  1. This used to be my #1 source for weekly hints on College Fantasy. I'm helpless without it. :(

    1. Well, next week I'll have fantasy projections back up. By not posting projections the first couple of weeks I'm doing you a favor: stat-based projections do not make sense without stats to project from.