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Friday, June 21, 2013

Statistical Review: Ball State #53

Ball State did face some offensive juggernauts, but with directional Michigan and Army on the schedule there's no excuse for allowing 2.61 points per possession. The rest of the team did everything they could to help out. Opponents started 74.3 yards from the end zone (3rd best nationally). And the defense turned over opponents on only 7.7% of possessions.

Ball State had the least explosive competent offense in the country. The necessary corollary of that is that they were among the nation's best at not getting caught in the backfield - if you're not going to be explosive you have to make sure you keep moving forward.
The Statistical Review breaks down teams along a number of performance categories, everything from red zone scoring to field goal percentage, and compares that performance against the rest of the FBS. All 124 teams will be reviewed from 124 to 1 by the hybrid rankings. You can find short descriptions of the stats used in the table below.

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