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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Top College Fantasy Football Quarterbacks In 2013 From Non-BCS Schools

Today we have a guest blog from the fine folks at FanDuel:

While college fantasy football might not be as popular as the NFL, more and more people are playing it. With significantly more teams to pick players from, a person must do more research. Here are the top five quarterbacks from the schools you might see on television that often.

Jordan Lynch

Northern Illinois might lose some players from their Orange Bowl team, but star quarterback Jordan Lynch returns. Perhaps no other player in the country is more important to their team than Lynch, who will look to navigate through a tough MAC once again. Lynch is a true dual-threat quarterback, throwing for 3138 yards and picking up another 1815 on the ground. In total, he was responsible for 44 touchdowns for the Huskies, and the entire offense is built around his talent, it will be hard to ignore him in fantasy football leagues.

Brett Smith

The Wyoming Cowboys rarely play on national television, but Brett Smith will be looking to help them win more than just four games like they did in 2012. Smith has good size and is a very capable pocket passer. He completed over 62% of his passes in 2012, throwing for 27 touchdowns. As long as he controls the offense and doesn’t become reckless, he will be a top 10 performer.

Kolton Browning

Stuck in the heart of SEC country, Louisiana-Monroe often gets overlooked. However, more than likely, only Johnny Manziel will put up better numbers than Browning in the SEC in 2013. ULM is a passing team, but Browning can also create offense on the ground as well. He led the team in rushing, although he only notched 488 yards. His 10 picks in 2012 are a bit disturbing, but when you throw the ball 428 times in one year, you are bound to have a few bad passes.

Derek Carr

Not only does Carr have a strong college arm, but he is by far the best pro prospect out of this bunch as well. He eclipsed 4000 yards in 2012, and he rarely forced throws into coverage. Fresno State could do some damage with their schedule this season, which makes Carr a highly-touted fantasy option.

Rakeem Cato

Marshall has fallen on hard times since moving from the MAC to C-USA, but Rakeem Cato could give them a shot at winning the league in 2013. He plays high-percentage football with his passes, connecting on just under 70%. He threw for 37 touchdowns in 2012, and that number could have been higher if not for a few off games.

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