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Thursday, September 20, 2012

CFBTN 101: Pick All, Georgia vs. Alabama

CFBTN has predictions for every game in the country, this week and every other week. In addition to weekly games the model also predicts team records, bowl eligibility, conference championships, and the MNC. "Team: Pick All" is unique because it offers predictions for events that won't every happen. "Pick All" matches up all 124 teams against every other team at a neutral site and predicts the final score and win odds.

One prediction you will find in "Pick All", and a game that may actually happen, is Georgia versus Alabama. The model gives the two teams solid odds of winning their respective divisions, in part because they are not scheduled to play each other during the regular season. While the model likes Georgia, it likes Alabama a whole lot more. It favors the Tide by 15, 32-17, and gives them an 86% chance of winning. Find all "Pick All" picks at Team: Pick All.

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