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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 2 EP3s

The EP3 (EPPP or Effective Points per Possession) is a way of measuring offensive and defensive performance that considers the effect of a possession on field position as well as points on the scoreboard. I still need another week or two to adjust EP3 for the strength of the opponent and, with that, use the EP3 to calculate power rankings, but for now we can look at raw offensive and defensive performances. (Michigan and Denard Robinson can attest to the importance of the opponent on a team's offensive performance.)

The top offensive performances of the week came from Texas Tech, who proved that they are still really good at plastering bad teams and that Texas St. is still a bad team, and Florida St, who proved nothing about themselves but did help to show that the mercy rule is still in effect in college football.

At the other end, SFA taught us that 466 yards won't help if you turn the ball over 10 times. TEN TIMES. New Mexico, Western Kentucky, Duke, UConn, Army, and even Washington were in the just-punt-it-away zone, where the offense probably would have been better getting off a surprise punt than running real offensive plays and risking a turnover.

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