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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What we learned, week 2

1) We are underrating a) Bobby Petrino, b) Tyler Wilson and/or c) ULM. We also learned that if you never bother to protect your quarterback he will eventually break his collarbone (or get a concussion, or something).

2) We were underrating a) Russell Wilson, b) the Oregon St defense, and/or c) the epidemic that is Randy Edsallitis.

3) We were overrating a) the Oklahoma St defense, b) the Auburn offense, and c) football in the state of Pennsylvania.

4) We learned just how far the Nebraska defense has fallen and just how bad of a coach Neuheisel really was.

5) We did not learn that the SEC is fallible, because losses to Northwestern and ULM will be quickly written off and forgotten. Instead, people that didn't watch the game will point to a 3 point win by Florida and miss the fact that A&M was the more physical team in that game (and not the team faking injuries because they couldn't keep the tempo).

6) We learned that Pac-12 membership has not elevated Colorado and Utah to new heights.

7) Anyone that said USC has the best starting 22 in the country before the season started needs to have their  pundit card revoked. They will get it back if and when USC scores 13x as many points as Washington (41/3=13.67).

8) Either the UConn defense is really good or we are overrating Tennessee a bit.

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