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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polling CFBTN

The BPR ranks teams only on wins and losses, the power ranking is used to predict who would win if two teams played/played again, and the Hybrid ranking combines features of the two and is meant to reflect the logic used in human polling. Check out last week's rankings here.

Notre Dame retains its lead over Kansas State in the BPR, while Alabama and Oregon close in on those two with more impressive wins Saturday. With Texas A&M and the SEC title game still on the schedule, Alabama will catch both Notre Dame and Kansas State, but Oregon would need help to get in to the title game if the BPR were making the decisions. 

Georgia moves ahead of LSU (after the loss) and Louisville (despite winning). Clemson at 15 and Florida State at 18 is a solid reminder that the ACC is not good at football. Only Texas Tech and Michigan squeeze into the top 25 with three losses.

Alabama still dominates the power rankings, as they have done all season, even after a close shave from LSU, who moves up one spot despite the loss. Oregon makes a strong move in to the 2nd spot Texas A&M continues its ascent up the power rankings to #4 from #8 a week ago. The Aggies are 4 points closer to Alabama this week than they were a week ago. 

Florida State and Texas A&M jump both Florida and Notre Dame after they struggle for wins against inferior competition, even though Florida State did not even play. South Carolina at #10 does not reflect the Lattimore injury. With LSU at #11 the SEC has six of the top 11 spots. 

Again, Alabama has a strong lead nationally in the hybrid rankings. Oregon jumps Kansas State but has only the smallest of leads over the Wildcats. 

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