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Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 12's Best Defensive Performances

The EP3, or effective points per possession, measure the average number of "effective" points earned each drive during a game. Effective points consider field position as well as actual points. The EP3+ is the team's average performance over the course of the season adjusted for the opposition. The EP3+D is the defensive score while the EP3+O is for the offense. The Perf-O begins with the single-game EP3 and adjusts for the opponent's EP3+D. The Perf-D begins with the opponent's EP3 and adjusts it for the opponent's EP3+O.

It goes without saying that Stanford had a very impressive performance on defense Saturday. Holding the Ducks to 14 points through regulation and an overtime is nothing short of spectacular. But the Cardinal were outdone by Vanderbilt, who completely destroyed Tennessee and sent Dooley packing.

It is an indication of just how bad the Wake Forest offense is that Notre Dame gets the shutout but placed eight this week, behind two SEC schools that played FCS opponents. And, in the greatest shocker of all, Baylor, the worst defense in college football (and I'm only exaggerating a little) finds itself in the top 25 after keeping Klein in check.

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