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Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 10's Best Defensive Performances

The EP3, or effective points per possession, measure the average number of "effective" points earned each drive during a game. Effective points consider field position as well as actual points. The EP3+ is the team's average performance over the course of the season adjusted for the opposition. The EP3+D is the defensive score while the EP3+O is for the offense. The Perf-O begins with the single-game EP3 and adjusts for the opponent's EP3+D. The Perf-D begins with the opponent's EP3 and adjusts it for the opponent's EP3+O.

UCLA managed one of the better performances of the season in their 66-10 win over Arizona. Not only did the Bruins have the week's 3rd best Perf-D, they were also 5th in Perf-O. LSU was in the top 25 in Perf-O and -D but still managed to lose. LSU played the best defense in the nation on Saturday, but Alabama was also playing top 20 offense. Missouri also finished in the top 10 in a losing effort.

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