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Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 13's Best Offensive Performances

I've said enough about the Aggies recently, so I'll keep it brief. In their last four SEC games (Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi State and Missouri - all teams that have been solid to spectacular on defense this season) only Mississippi State has kept Texas A&M under 20 points in the first quarter (the Aggies scored 14 in that game). With this week a microcosm of the season, Texas A&M has the best offense in the country, followed by Oregon, and then everyone else tries to play football as well. Johnny for Heisman.

Alabama's win over Auburn was arguably the most lopsided game this season. Georgia/Georgia Tech was pretty lopsided as well. USC and Notre Dame both make the top 20 despite scoring only 35 total points because 1) they both are good defensively and 2) they only had about 10 full possessions; Notre Dame scored on half.

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