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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Polling CFBTN

The BPR ranks teams only on wins and losses, the power ranking is used to predict who would win if two teams played/played again, and the Hybrid ranking combines features of the two and is meant to reflect the logic used in human polling. Check out last week's rankings here.

Notre Dame didn't win much by beating Boston College, allowing Kansas State to again slip ahead into the #1 spot in the BPR. Alabama fell to #6 from #3 and Texas A&M jumped 7 spots to #9, so the SEC now has five teams in the top 10 but none in the top 4. 

Alabama retains is top position in the power rankings but only by the slimmest of margins over Oregon. Florida continues to fall and will soon drop behind a fast rising USC team and out of the top 10. Georgia made a big jump to #6 and Texas moved up five spots to #18.

Finally, with Alabama losing Oregon moves up to #1 in the hybrid rankings. Alabama, though, does stay ahead of Notre Dame. Northern Illinois makes its long awaited debut into the top 25 and Rutgers returns to take the 25th position in the Hybrid rankings.

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