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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

College football's sharing leaders

Turnovers are bad. In NCAA football games this season there is a -.36 correlation between the number of turnovers a team commits and the final margin of victory (or defeat in most cases).

So today I honor those teams that have been very generous with the football during a game and still won. This season teams have turned the ball over at least four times and still won 18 times. Nine of those came against FCS opponents (three of whom are pretending to be FBS programs).

Maryland started the season 2-0 despite turning the ball over eight times in those games. Texas A&M overcame six to beat Ole Miss (who had a couple doozies of their own in that game). But the most impressive performance comes from UCLA, who turned it over five times and still beat Houston by 31 (Houston had six turnovers).

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