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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 10 Fantasy Bumpers

A fantasy bumper is a player that should perform significantly better than average this week. There are generally two reasons for this: 1) an established player has a good matchup or 2) poor performance or injury to teammate will give the player more opportunities. In the first case, these players are already owned so you want to make sure they are in your lineup. In the second case, they could be a valuable pickup. 

Since this is a stats-based site and not a fantasy site, and I maintain this site on top of my day job while trying to raise a son and keep my wife from realizing she could do a lot better, these results are based on the best, most recent stats available to me and nothing more. It falls on you to do your own research. For example, my generated list of injuries apparently missed that Caleb Rowe has become the 4th Maryland quarterback to fall to Edsallitis, and MJ McPeek did not get the start Saturday for CSU against Hawaii. Cody Green is questionable for the game against Arkansas, and Kalen Henderson's 8 for 23 against Rice isn't keeping him on the bench.

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