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Monday, October 1, 2012

Quantifying the best performances of week 5

The EP3 is a per possession performance metric. Earlier in the year I reported raw EP3s, which measured how many effective points a team added per possession. Now with five weeks of data we can start talking about the EP3+, which adjusts the EP3 for the quality of the opponent. The values below measure how well a team performed given the quality of the opposition they faced.

For example, according to the EP3+ Oklahoma St was the week's best offense. Despite scoring only 36 points, compared to 70 for West Virginia and 63 for Baylor, Oklahoma St scored those points against a much better defense and in fewer possessions. Baylor and West Virginia are 3rd and 4th, though, followed by former Big 12 mate Texas A&M.

The week's best defensive performance came from Iowa St, who held a Texas Tech to just 24 points. And while West Virginia and Baylor were playing bad defense (76th and 101st nationally), Miami (OH) and Akron were much worst (108th and 107th) as they allowed 105 total points against less spectacular offenses. 

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