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Friday, October 12, 2012

CFBTN 101: Points per possession

Good offenses don't just score a lot of points; they make the most of their opportunities. With the range of tempos teams play at these days - some slow, some fast, some frenetically, absurdly fast - games vary in the number of opportunities teams have to score. To account for that, it is important to evaluate performances by the successes per opportunities, or points per possession.

In "Team: Rank 2" I list average points per possession (scored and allowed) for every team in college football. The top five teams nationally by points per possession are all in the Big 12. These five and Louisiana Tech average half a touchdown or more per possession, so that when any of them kick a field goal it actually brings down their season average. Eight teams average more than five times as many points per possession as Tulane (.67).

Alabama, BYU, Notre Dame and South Carolina lead the nation in fewest points per possession allowed. Five teams have allowed more than 3 points per possession, and Tulane has allowed 2.3 more points per possession than it scores.

Three teams rank in the top 15 in both points scored and allowed per possession - Alabama, Florida State and Texas A&M.

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