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Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 9's best offensive performances

The week's most impressive offensive performance, and the most impressive offensive performance this season, came from Johnny Manziel and Sumlin's Aggies. Both Manziel and backup Showers scored touchdowns on every real possession for Texas A&M (3rd string Matt Joekel had less success in his one series). Auburn had been allowing 25 points/game; the Aggies scored 21 in each of the first two quarters. The Aggies were impressive on film as well as statistically, but we can't ignore Auburn's role in allowing A&M to march unimpeded down the field time and again.

Boise State and Navy also managed an EP3 greater than 4. Given that the maximum EP3 for a possession is a little over 5, and that is only possible if the possession begins deep in the team's own territory, an average over 4 for an entire game is absurd. There have only been five of these all season and we saw three this week. 

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