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Monday, October 8, 2012

Quantifying week 6 performances

The EP3 allows me to measure the point value of a drive, both in terms of points scored and field position. The EP3+ adjusts the average EP3 over the course of the season for the quality of the opposition. Using these two data points we can compare offensive and defensive performances across games (Perf-O and Perf-D).

By this metric, the most impressive offensive performance this weekend came from Arizona. In route to their overtime loss, Arizona managed 2.5 effective points per possession. This measures out to an opponent adjusted 2.7 effective points, nearly a half point better than any other team. Vanderbilt scored 6th in Perf-O despite actually having a negative EP3 for the game. Missouri is among the nation's best by EP3+D.

The best defensive performance came from South Carolina. The Gamecocks held a powerful Georgia offense to -2.2 EP3. West Virginia and Texas come in 2nd and 4th despite allowing 93 total points. In fact, the West Virginia offense and Texas defense were both in the top five.

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